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Close-up shot of a tandem paragliding flight with a passenger, flying towards Interlaken.

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Adventure and activities is our passion. We are looking forward to meeting you and share our passion with you.
Paragliding pilot
My name is Lars Eymann, I’ve been paragliding for over 10 years . I’ve had the pleasure to fly with awesome passengers from all over the world for the past 4 years. Sharing our beautiful region from above is what I love doing!
Paragliding pilot
I have been flying since 1997 and professionally since 2007 . It is amazing way to discover the landscape from above and my goal is to explore as much as I can . Why to walk when you can fly
Paragliding Instructor & pilot
Ever since I was a child, I’ve been crazy about flying. I started with model airplanes at the age of 12 and after the age of 24 I only wanted to fly! I made this decision 26 years ago and I have never regretted. I am still happy about every flight in our wonderful area on this wonderful planet!
Paragliding pilot
Paragliding pilot
Paragliding pilot
Paragliding pilot
I started hang gliding in 1976 and paragliding in 1988. Up to today my enthusiasm to travel the skies with all kinds of toys, hang gliders, paragliders and wing suits is unbroken. Flying has taught me a lot for life, like „always look for the good updrafts and spend as little time as possible in downdrafts“. Grab the opportunity; let’s do a unforgettable flight together. You‘ll discover why birds sing.
Paragliding pilot & Marketing developer
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