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Hang Gliding is the closest thing you can get to flying like a bird and Interlaken is one of the the best places in the world to do it! The main take-off site is among the highest commercial sites in the world. It is directly above Interlaken and boasts one of the best views in Switzerland.
Whether you want a smooth scenic flight or an adrenalin pumping thrill ride, just tell your pilot and he will tailor the flight to your needs. After all, it’s your flight. Go extreme, with stalls, dives and huge wingovers that make your eyes water and your mouth dry (but only if you want!). We will then land smoothly right in Interlaken.
The average flight is 10-20 min depending on what you want and the wind conditions. It costs CHF 235.00. Allow up to 3 hours for the whole adventure although most trips take less than 2 hours and we depart every 1.5 hours from 7.30am to 6.00pm. We will drive you to and from your accommodation or the train station and all you have to do to make a booking is contact us. A personalised “in flight” Video or Photos are available to prove it to your friends and family.

  • 10-20 minute airtime, depending on what you want and the wind conditions
  • total trip duration: approx. 2.5 hours
  • free pickup service in Interlaken
  • available all year, depending the weather conditions
  • transport, licensed pilot, insurance included
*for group rates please contact us
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For this activity, online booking is not available. To book, please call us at +41 79 583 83 83.

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Tour Facts

Flight Price

from CHF 235.00*


10-20 minutes, depending the weather conditions

Total Trip Time

approx 2.5 hours

Flying from

​Beatenberg (1’350m / 4’400ft)

Landing in

​Interlaken (570m/1’870ft)


all year

Trip times

daily, depending the weather conditions


96kg (210lbs). In the snowy winter the weight limit is 85kg


If you are under 16 you need your parents consent​

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Our driver takes you and the pilot up the mountain. During the 20 minute drive you will receive a safety talk and a briefing on the takeoff and landing process. After getting off we reach the takeoff in 2-8 minutes.

FAQ Hanggliding

Do I need any previous experience to go hang gliding?

No, you do not need any previous experience to enjoy hang gliding in Interlaken. Whether you’re a complete novice or an adventure enthusiast, our expert pilots will ensure you have a safe and unforgettable flight.

What is required of me during the hang gliding experience?

All you need to do is take 4 to 8 running steps alongside your pilot during take-off. The steps are on a gentle, grassy slope, making it an easy and comfortable start to your flying adventure.

What should I bring for hang gliding?

For a comfortable flight, please bring shoes suitable for running a few steps. This ensures you have the necessary grip and support during the take-off phase.

How much does a tandem hang gliding flight cost in Interlaken?

A tandem hang glide costs 235 CHF (Swiss Francs). For your convenience, we accept various forms of payment including Cash and Credit Cards.

How do we take off, fly, and land?

Your adventure begins with a pre-flight briefing by your pilot, explaining the simple take-off and landing procedures. The take-off involves 4 to 8 running steps down a grassy slope until the glider lifts you gently into the air. During the flight, you’ll be seated next to your pilot, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take control for a bit (though it’s not required). Landing is smooth, as we glide on wheels into a grassy pasture.

Is there any age restriction for hang gliding?

Hang gliding in Interlaken welcomes adventurers aged 4 to 85. Minors under 16 years old require parental consent to fly.

Is there a weight limit for passengers?

The weight limit is approximately 95kg (210lbs), which may vary slightly depending on launch wind conditions at the time of your flight. During the winter, the weight limit is adjusted to 85kg due to the snowy conditions.

What weather conditions are needed to fly?

Thanks to Interlaken’s unique meteorological climate, we can fly on most days throughout the year. Sunny weather isn’t a necessity for a great flight, making hang gliding an all-year-round activity.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a flight?

While there’s no strict rule, booking a couple of days in advance is advisable. This ensures availability, especially during peak times. For groups, we recommend booking a few days ahead to accommodate everyone.

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